Come on backstage!

👋 Hey there!

Thank you for meeting me here at SPACE in Portland, ME.

💥 The Third World Wide Vol. 1 release show starts in a few hours! 💥

I’m here with Angie Assal (dancer), S6ef (my manager), Graphic Melee (DJ), and my mother-in-law Kathy, who came early to help out! Also, our friend Brit Martin came to make a behind-the-scenes video for me (she’s also an amazing singer!), my buddy Tim hauled in a giant armchair, and one of my best friends, Maui, traveled two hours on his motorcycle to see the show. 💙

We’re here setting up 🎤🎤🎤, decorating the stage, doing soundcheck, and practicing a little before the show…

Hit ⚙️ or CC for Arabic subtitles!

Thank you so much for being here.

I wish everybody could have attended the album release in person. Someday, we’re going to make that happen, I promise!

💙 To thank you for coming out, I want to send you the Third World Wide Vol. 1 CD, for FREE. 💙

I just need you to cover the cost of shipping. It’s $5 in the US, and $16 worldwide.

If that works for you… visit my merch store and use code YALALALLI to make the CD free!

⏰ It’s only going to work until Sunday night (November 21!)

So please go get your free CD soon.

Also, I’m definitely going to sign it for you.

Peace 🙏🏼