New release: Assasi fuses Afrobeat with Arabic flair on “Mandal”

One day, I had an epiphany. I realized that haters and their mindless imitators could only bother me if I cared what they had to say. “Mandal” and its accompanying music video celebrate me running out of fucks to give! Featuring live riq, tombak, and sarangi by Lorenzo Mantovani, “Mandal” reinterprets dancehall-UK drill fusion a [...]

تحدي هيب هوب شرقي

شاركو بالتحدي و حمّلو الـ"بيت" من هون اعملو منشن و تاغ لمنتج الـ "بيت" البروديوسر "أبو علي" عالإنستغرام و لحساب حركة "بلاد الشام" الموسيقية مشان ننشر ڤيديوهاتكن/م عالستوري و استعملو هاشتاغ #هيب_هوب_شرقي بالوصف تبع البوست وخلينا نولعها

“Music for a Future” fundraiser coming up March 21

Assasi and S6ef are teaming up with the good folks at Wicked Brew Cafe (Bangor, Maine) for an intimate music fundraiser 6-8PM on Saturday, March 21, 2020. Drop by for an evening of acoustic music and help us build a hopeful future for a special young man! There is no cover charge, but we suggest [...]

Help us build the “Borderless Vibes” playlist!

In honor of the upcoming release of "Zawrak", an immigration-themed track by Homs native K-Lead with guests Assasi and S6ef, we invite you to contribute suggestions for a collaborative Spotify playlist!

Queen City Cypher #3 feat. Words of Phrase, Hannah Harleen, S6ef, and Assasi films live June 29th

For our third Queen City Cypher, we're going big with your host Assasi, Portland MC Words of Phrase, singers Hannah Harleen and Stephanie Crosby, and a fire track by producer and previous QCC guest artist desmo..  Expect old-school Fugees vibes with a nostalgic 1950s Nile River twist.

Queen City Cypher #2 feat. Boss films live Friday, May 10

EDIT: You can now watch Queen City Cypher #2 on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite music service. ... For the second Queen City Cypher, we are honored to feature Maine hip-hop OG Boss! Bangor-areas music fans are invited to watch the live filming, while the global fam can tune in on the [...]

Assasi featured on Big Sam’s “Face Off / تبديل وجه”

Assasi recently had the honor of collaborating with Palestinian MC, vocalist, and producer Big Sam. The resulting Teesmoke-produced track, "Face Off / تبديل وجه", was released today as part of Big Sam's new album, "Arram". "Face Off / تبديل وجه" exposes the frustrations shared by artists living in traditional societies where mainstream attitudes toward [...]

NEW MUSIC VIDEO! The new music video is here! We hope you like it and if you do.. please share the video and support the independent music, respect! الفيديو كليب صار جاهز! منتمنى يعجبكم الشغل، دعمونا ونشروا الفيديو مشان الإستمرارية للموسيقى المستقلة، كل الإحترام!