Thank you for pre-saving Mandal! If you are able, please consider donating directly to Offrejoie, a volunteer-led organization that is currently mobilized to help people who lost their homes in the Beirut port explosion last week.

About Offrejoie

“Offrejoie is an apolitical and non-confessional Lebanese NGO founded in 1985. It brings together volunteers from all faiths and all Lebanon, as well as friends of Lebanon around the world, who advocate and act for a plural Lebanon, free and fair.” (

  • Youth-led team of volunteers and skilled workers
  • Clean and rehabilitate houses affected by the August 4 explosion
  • Temporary shelter for those who lost their homes

Learn more about Offre Joie at their website.

Not ready to donate?

No problem. There are many ways to help!

More places to donate

[via Nasser Shorbaji]

Offre Joie: youth-led, volunteer-led initiative to clean and rebuild homes and provide temporary housing

Lebanese Red Cross: the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon

Donner Sang Compter: matching urgent blood requests with volunteer blood donors

Lebanese Food Bank: national campaign against hunger

Impact Lebanon: transparent, diaspora-led crowdfunder to provide disaster relief…

Arc En Ciel: well-run and enterprising Lebanese development organisation

Beit El Baraka: supporting struggling older people with food, housing and medical supplies