DKTUR | دكتور

DKTUR (known as Tareq to family and friends) is a rising star of Arabic hip-hop, bringing melodic trap to the scene with a confessional authenticity.

Imagine a refugee Travis Scott coming of age in The Weeknd’s dark soundscapes. A member of the “twice displaced” Syrian-Palestinians who have fled the ongoing Syrian civil war, DKTUR self-medicates with music. His dynamic, emotionally expressive voice ranges from autotuned new school highs to complex rap flows. His lyrics air out the wounds of displacement and chart a path toward self-actualization in his adopted home of Marburg, Germany.

DKTUR credits his upbringing in the Damascus neighborhood of Muhajirin with instilling working-class values which shine through in his raw honesty and tight-knit fan community. He has carved out a space for the messy reality of young adulthood within a rap scene often dominated by macho posturing and cerebral political commentary. His willingness to engage in dialogue during frequent Instagram live sessions has rallied an army of young fans with a strong internal culture of respect and openness.

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