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Back in March 2022, I visited my friend Mike O’Hehir (he’s the brains, guitar, and voice behind the band Coyote Island!) at his house in Kennebunk, Maine. He has this amazing home studio filled with every instrument you could possibly think of, plus amps, effects, synths, and a looper.

We had jammed together a few times before, but on this day we were both in the mood to just make music all day. He played some loops he had been working on, and I tried spitting verses on them. He added guitar riffs and experimented with different rhythms on the drum kit.

Jamming with Mike on the drum kit

As the day went on, we realized we were making dope new versions of a bunch of my old songs – “Mandal”, “The Blue Giant”, “Bala Allayel”… “Wala Fuse” uses a verse I wrote for Nepali hip-hop star Girish on “We Takin’ Over”. It talks about how serious and passionate I am about music. Hip-hop is the one place I feel like I just be myself and express myself fully. I wrote the verse back in 2016 when I was waiting for my visa in Kathmandu, and it’s still so true now.

I say do that shit in Arabic [khara], so we step back
So I’m wondering, do you see how we explain the truth?
Maybe you can, try to rule it, my tongue was refined
Trust me you don’t wanna see us rolling up our sleeves
One second, flashback, capture, hashtag #legend
To explain it more… Lil.Zac, I think the image is clear
Who? I’m who, you are asking who I am?!
Yeah you are right cuz there is a shitload of Syrian MC’s
But without Assasi and a few in Syria, you’ll never hear of Hip-Hop
Who said that? I said that, or you said it/ moving forward, go and ask
Or hold on a second this track with the first MC in Nepal
It’s a big deal, it’s impossible to find someone doing Hip-Hop for real
It’s been 13 years doing it, still alone, independent, controlling the wheel
My music is dark not silly, you better turn on the torch
For example, a pink elephant flying, a good report
At the end of this punchline he is gonna land on your head for sure
With Girish to Guinness, so you are not in my mind
Leave me alone, Syrian Nepali, if I’m cheap then who is precious?
Who introduces you to the music?
The underground is innocent of you
Art doesn’t need an application to join
The master needs to nail the method
You didn’t understand the game, your ideas are slow.

Assasi, “Wala Fuse”

Check out the original version:

The verse on “Wala Fuse” came from this track.

We decided we might as well record these jams for real. Here’s me tracking the vocals for “Wala Fuse”:

Tracking vocals for “Wala Fuse” in the Coyote Studio

Ready to hear the finished song? Find it in this livestream premiere from Tuesday! 👇

Assasi premieres “Wala Fuse” and introduces the Deebak EP, August 30, 2022

Or listen to “Wala Fuse” on your favorite music platform.

“Wala Fuse” dropped worldwide on Friday, September 2.
Click here to listen to it on your favorite music platform!

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