“Bala Allayl” live with Coyote Island at Portland House of Music

What a feeling to open the show with this 💜

Over a decade ago, I produced a track based on a sample from Umm Kulthum’s “Aqbal Al Layl”. (If you’re not familiar, Umm Kulthum was one of the most powerful singers to ever stand on a stage.)

I’ve been jamming with my friend Mike O’Hehir of Coyote Island, and during one of our sessions we tried turning my old track into an acoustic song. One night, we played it again late at night with a group of friends. Amir Rivera added the Spanish-style guitar, everybody found harmonies, and we knew we had to play it at our next show together.

This video was filmed by Brit Martin at Coyote Island’s “Origin Stories” EP release party at Portland House of Music on May 21, 2022.

Peace, Assasi