Bilad El-Sham returns for show with Maine’s Zion Train

Assasi revived the Bilad El-Sham Movement for a show with Maine’s Zion Train at Portland House of Music.

The Bilad El-Sham Movement has re-emerged from a seven-year hiatus.

Bilad El-Sham performs “The Blue Giant” at Portland House of Music

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, Assasi led a six-member ensemble of new and old musical friends in support of Maine dub veterans Zion Train at Portland House of Music. This latest incarnation of Bilad El-Sham presented folk & reggae flavored versions of Mandal and The Blue Giant along with new material Assasi is currently developing with collaborator Mike O’Hehir of Coyote Island.

The lineup included O’Hehir on lead guitar, Assasi on lead vocals, Duncan Hardy on qanun, Mavy on electric violin, Eric LaPerna on percussion and nay flute, and S6ef on rhythm guitar and backup vocals.

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