New release: Assasi fuses Afrobeat with Arabic flair on “Mandal”

One day, I had an epiphany. I realized that haters and their mindless imitators could only bother me if I cared what they had to say. “Mandal” and its accompanying music video celebrate me running out of fucks to give!

Featuring live riq, tombak, and sarangi by Lorenzo Mantovani, “Mandal” reinterprets dancehall-UK drill fusion a la Pa Salieu with an Arabian twist.

“Mandal” will appear on the first of three EPs that will comprise “Third World Wide”.


Directed by Zac “Assasi” Allaf

Produced, mixed, & mastered by Haquin

Sarangi & percussion by Lorenzo Mantovani

Artwork by Sick G

Filmed by Fox Maasch

Executive producer Stephanie “S6ef” Crosby

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