Queen City Cypher #2 feat. Boss films live Friday, May 10

EDIT: You can now watch Queen City Cypher #2 on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite music service.

For the second Queen City Cypher, we are honored to feature Maine hip-hop OG Boss!

Bangor-areas music fans are invited to watch the live filming, while the global fam can tune in on the Bilad El-Sham YouTube channel once the video hits! Subscribe now and hit the bell so you won’t miss the drop.

About the guest artist

Boss describes his hip-hop mission simply: “Blatant social commentary.” Don’t let this reticence fool you – Boss has a lot to say, and he’ll deliver it with mastery. This guy has been in the Maine rap scene from the very beginning. We’re honored to have him share his wisdom and flows.

Visit the Facebook event for details on attending live. Click here if you’d like to support this project!

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