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We’re teaming up with to launch new album ‘Third World Wide’! Join Assasi behind the scenes while he records tracks, works with producers all around the world, and brings five years of music together.

‘Third World Wide’ will be Assasi’s second self-produced album. Like so many young Syrian creatives during the civil war, he landed in Beirut for a few years before hardening borders drove him to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and finally the United States. Hip hop remained his anchor through it all. ‘Third World Wide’ reflects this global journey as well as the friends, influences, and lessons Assasi picked up along the way.

Preorder ‘Third World Wide’ in the next 60 days as a digital download, CD, or vinyl LP and you’ll get special access to videos, track previews, and progress updates.

We are also excited to offer special limited items, such as a handmade lyric notebook created by book artist (and awesome friend!) Fox Maasch. Thank you to everybody who has gotten us this far. We are so excited to get this album out into the world!

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  1. just a few people know how hard it is to deal with all this situation that we had to go through at a young age & trying to creat & maintain a music carrier that needs alot of work specially when you are doing every thing by your self, produceing, engineering, preforming
    Recpect man i hope u reach your dream & i can’t wait to hear the album

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