Assasi | أساسي – The Blue Giant | الأزرق العملاق (Official Music Video)

The Blue Giant is a call for each Syrian to find within him or herself the strength to see through their tribulations and build something better, together.

أغنية الأزرق العملاق هي دعوة لكل السوريين ليجدوا في داخلهم القوة لنرى من خلال المِحن ونتخطاها لبناء الأفضل… جنباً إلى جنب.

Assasi teamed up with incredible producer Baxtak for Bilad El-Sham’s latest track, The Blue Giant.

Experience the long-awaited music video, directed by Anjay Khadka. In this spontaneous one-take video, Assasi emerges from the darkest corner of Kathmandu’s back streets into the brilliant light of day, picking up some unexpected friends along the way!

The Blue Giant can now be purchased for download or streamed on your favorite platform. Click the “Download or “Listen” buttons above for more options.

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